Complementary Services

Additionally to the training programs offered through MALO CLINIC Education, MALO CLINIC provides other services to dental professionals, such as the “Help me with My Case” and the “ NobelGuide™ Planning” consulting services. We also have a department dedicated to handling referral cases.

Below you will find more information on these services.

Help me with my case

Help me with my case is a consultancy service you can use when you have doubts on how to proceed with a case, or simply to see if there are other options you can offer the patient.

A team of professionals is at hand to make alternative treatment suggestions – make them part of your team!

Ask us more information at and meet your extra team.

Referrals Cases Department

The main purpose of this department is to assist referral doctors in the rehabilitation of those cases which require a different surgical or prosthetic approach or involve a higher surgical expertise.

What is needed to refer a case?

We need you to send us the following exams of your patient(s):

  • Orthopantomography (strictly necessary)
  • Dental CT Scan
  • Picture of full smile without denture

To refer a case or ask further information contact us at

NobelGuide™ Planning

If you would like to perform guided flapless surgery, but do not have the software or do not feel comfortable in planning the case on the computer our clinical team will be glad to help.

Ask us more information at and meet your extra team.