Based at MALO CLINIC in Lisbon, MALO CLINIC Education offers training programs for dental professionals - dentists, lab technicians, oral hygienists and dental nurses - focusing on the latest developments of concepts, technologies and products in oral rehabilitation with dental implants.

At MALO CLINIC Education, participants will follow real cases from the clinic’s daily work and a variety of clinical situations that reflect real life in a dental practice.

As a world leader in Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry, MALO CLINIC is always at the forefront of new technologies, with emphasis on the rehabilitation of total edentulous patients.

Our Mission

MALO CLINIC Education was created due to the ever-increasing success of the MALO CLINIC’s Rehabilitation program.

MALO CLINIC Education offers the Oral Health community the knowledge acquired through our extensive clinical and scientific research work. We focus essentially on the practical aspect, be it through training courses on several different subjects, live surgeries, clinical case presentations or support to the trainees for their own clinical cases.

Our Facilities

Our training programs are entirely focused on implants and esthetics. Our training centres offer hands-on training equipment, comfortable conference rooms with live CCTV transmission of surgeries using state-of-the-art equipment allowing participants to follow procedures in detail.

The training centre at our headquarters in Lisbon has a main conference room for up to 75 people with simultaneous translation equipment, 2 smaller conference rooms for up to 30 and 20 people respectively and a specially designed hands-on training facility for up to 30 people.

What do We Offer?

Re-programming your view on oral rehabilitation and changing your dialogue with patients are some of the goals of the MALO CLINIC Education training program.

Participants have a unique opportunity to learn from experienced clinicians who focus their work on innovative procedures and concepts.

We offer a variety of training courses such as regular 2-day courses, modular courses, clinical residencies for smaller groups, or programs where you combine work and fun, such as golf or sightseeing.

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Additional Services and Registration

At MALO CLINIC Education we do our utmost to make sure that attending a course at one of our training centres is a rewarding experience.

We are at your disposal to help you with hotel accommodation or to organize sightseeing tours. In other words, we want to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The course registration process is simple: you may contact our training centres directly by phone, fax or email…

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